How Fast is AI Evolving Globally, Especially in the U.A.E

“The pace of progress in artificial intelligence (I’m not referring to narrow AI) is incredibly fast. Unless you have direct exposure to groups like Deep mind, you have no idea how fast — it is growing at a pace close to exponential. The risk of something seriously dangerous happening is in the five-year time frame. 10 years at most.”
- Elon Musk

A picture from a Forbes article on Artificial Intelligence

From something as downtown as Home Automation to miraculous technologies like IBM Watson, which is giving healthcare a new meaning, A.I.(Artificial Intelligence) is indeed transforming our worlds in unimaginable ways.
It is as if all our fantasies from television shows and movies have now realized that they need to introduce themselves to our world again (thank goodness), in this very decade. And I must state here, as you all might agree, they are doing a pretty great job.
Although the history of AI goes long back in terms of theory, ideas, and implementation endeavors by many great scientists, 21st century has been a remarkable and transforming era, in every way describable. And it is not just limited to a country, or a certain space. Innovations are going around the whole world with such a fast pace, that technology might have not ever seen globally. This is new. And this, is incredible.

In the year 2000, a robot called “Nomad Robot” wandered around the regions of Antarctica in search of new meteorite samples

We come to the year 2005, and Honda’s ASIMO, a humanoid robot, which can walk as fast as a human,is spotted delivering trays to customers in restaurant settings.

Moving forward in the year 2005, the Blue Brain Project makes it possible to simulate the brain at the molecular level.

Year 2009, Google builds a self driving Car.

Year 2010, Microsoft introduces Kinect for Xbox- 360 (The first device to track human body movements).

Year 2018, and everyone is awestruck with Google Duplex taking the toll and giving Artificial Intelligence a new meaning.

This is the decade where we witness the metamorphosis of technology, human lifestyle as well as a path to singularity.

Now that we are talking of changes and transformations, it is important to note that U.A.E. among many other countries, is observing a drastic modification with AI technologies.
In fact, in October 2017, the UAE government launched ‘UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence’, that would mark the progress in almost all sectors of country development. UAE government envisions efficient growth with AI in the following sectors as mentioned on its official government website :
Transport, Health, Space, Renewable Energy, Water, Technology, education, environment, and Traffic.

No other country has passed any such enforcement when it comes to AI being used for the benefits of the people in the country invested by the government. Other governments are making changes, sure. But with a proper planning, the way UAE government wishes to transform the growth, culture, and economy of the country, is greatly appreciable and noteworthy.

Dubai has already decreed itself the AI city of the future and all the eyes are upon the UAE government for how fast can they turn this plan into reality.
2018–19 being the most significant year in this transformation.

In March 2018, the UAE Council for Artificial Intelligence held its first meeting. In which were discussed the policies that would be implemented in various sectors for AI innovations to forge a new path for development of the country.

In different sectors of national progress, UAE wants to use artificial intelligence to accomplish the following goals, as mentioned on its government website :

  1. When it comes to transport, we want to reduce accidents and cut down the operational costs. We want to make transportation intelligent, especially in terms of traffic.
  2. In the health domain, we wish to minimize chronic and dangerous diseases. This could be accomplished by using algorithms and software to approximate human cognition in the analysis of complex medical data, as says Wikipedia.
  3. AI in space is a pretty large objective to cover. We want to conduct accurate experiments here, and reduce the rate of costly mistakes. There are several machines and algorithms that might come in use here. Such investment could be a major breakthrough for the UAE government.
  4. We also wish to manage facilities in terms of renewable energy. More AI applications would reduce the amount of renewable energy utilization which in turn shall not only help the environment, but also open the doors to make the use of these energy resources for other purposes.
  5. Water consumption is a major component of human survival. UAE faces a lot of water scarcity, and refining water from oceans is a main source of consumption for people there. Analysis and studies for water resources could result in revolutions for them and for complete mankind as well. Including this aim in AI technological reforms deserves a big thumbs up.
  6. Research and development of AI itself is also an important segment. The UAE government is ready to make investments for the same with a good team and conduct.
  7. Education is the foundation of any country’s progress. Using AI to cut educational costs to make it reach more population shall only help in enhancement of literacy rate in the country, which would create quality team leaders in the future, contributing to its growth.
  8. AI can be used to enhance environment by tree plantations using robots. Proper irrigation techniques without manual labor etc. This would create a more susceptible environment and beautiful places to live in.
  9. AI can be majorly used in traffic policies to reduce accidents and traffic jams to make things more effective.

An Artificial Intelligence Minister has already been appointed by the UAE council as of May, 2017.

Project Oyoon (eyes) is already on its way to improve security with thousands of surveillance cameras using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to track criminals in Dubai in 2018–19.

Artificial Intelligence is predicted to add $182 Billion to U.A.E.’s economy by 2035, as has been published in many news articles.

Basically, we are racing towards a magical future. And if other countries are competing with the UAE for the same, they will have to buckle up to their best.

Cheers to Artificial humanoids!